where are you that you are paying that much for 10 sheets of film? have you ordered from b&h or samys online?



personally, i would shoot the film and then scan. it will have more resolving power (l/p mm), and the film will have considerably less contrast compared to the paper.

in the end, its up to you, i had a friend who shot 8x10 with ilfochrome paper, and it looked really cool, but in the end, he just ended up shooting 8x10 chromes and negs because he started scanning.

you also have to factor in chemistry as well,


it gets expensive, depending on your budget, b/c that is the deciding factor in many cases after all

just my $0.02, shoot film and scan, or print it optically.

scanning will offer more options over local contrast, dust elimination, etc

you might get hooked on color printing though. i have, its a blast.

that's the ra-4 process, not ilfochrome (my student budget can't allow that right now )