Fair point on the price comparison. At B&H making a 2850 would involve getting the 2870 ($75) plus 2830 ($125) so $200 vs $500 for NEW.

In terms of USED prices, I have never seen a like-new 3005 on e-bay go for less than $300 in the last 6 months. There are NONE currently listed or available for review in the 'completed auctions' search. (2800 tanks are listed.) So its hard to make a comparison to something that does not exist. I'll gladly pay anyone out there $250 for a like-new 3005 in-box with swab. (Hypothetical, rhetorical, statement, not intended to promote a monetary transaction in this forum ).

Just to further the discussion, there is a discontinued Jobo 3063 Expert drum that holds SIX 8x10 films. Two of these recently sold on e-bay for less than $200 each. Anyone have experience with that one?