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I'm interested in them for the same reason you used them. It is a place to rent darkroom and possibly studio space. I was trolling for opinions about the place.
He's got a floor in a mill building in Lawrence, next to Malden Mills (Polartec people) which gives him a lot of space.

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Was the darkroom well stocked? Equipment in good condition, clean, functional?
He's got 6 or 7 Omega D5500's & a Leica 35mm enlarger. The majority of the lenses are 50mm or so, but he has several MF and 4x5 lenses - I just moved the lenses to the enlarger I used. I ended up bringing my own developer, and used his stop and fix. There's a seperate room for washing and drying. Once I got a rhythm going, I was cranking out work prints much faster than I do at home in the temporarily converted bathroom.

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Did you look at the studio closely? What did you think of it? How about the equipment there?
He's got several varied setups, with strobes, I believe - the big advantage of the mill location is the space and ceiling height.

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Any overall opinon? Is this the best/only place of it's kind in the area (it must be if you drive and hour)?
I live in southern New Hampshire, and I haven't been able to find any place closer. There are a couple in Manchester, but you need to be taking a course to use them.

The place works well and Al is helpful and is making a reall effort to make sure the facility is serving his clients needs. He also has a bunch of electronic paraphenalia that is used to make prints in ways we don't talk about here

He's always responded pretty quickly to email. I haven't been there in about 2 months, but I'm hoping to get down there right after Xmas.