Hi Jonathan & welcome to APUG

The standard Paterson or Jobo Dev Tanks are able to be used (once loaded with film) in daylight - with light baffles to allow the chemicals in but keep the light out.

So you only need to load the film in onto the reels in the dark, pop it/them into the tank, screw the lid on and the rest can be done in daylight.

For years I loaded my reels and tanks in a changing bag but a walk in cupboard (at night, if all the lights in the vicinity are off) would work equally as well.

You will need to sacrifice a single roll of film to practice loading a film spiral, start by doing it in the light with your eyes open, then with them shut and finally when you have the hang of it in the dark before you do it for real the first time sadly, there are no short cuts on this one - practice, practice, practice

Good luck