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Light sensitive ...

Ok, so I fix and wash the print, and should I let it dry
before testing? I had been experimenting on a dry print,
and on the borders and image area. The stain intensified
over time, confusing me further. Are subdued red light
conditions ok for applying the drop? Thanks Dan.
One correction. The test solution contains silver nitrate.
It is that which is light sensitive. The silver sulfide may
or may not be light sensitive. Any body know?

I test dry paper. Damp paper will allow bleeding
of the drop causing dilution. Play with it some. IIRC
I've used more than one drop, even stirred it some
with a toothpick.

I've a night light on, not to close by, when I apply. A dim
white will be OK. Shadow while the drops soak in. I usually
apply a few drops at half minute intervals then blot off
in succession.

How you use your fixer and your methods of washing will
affect the thoroughness of the cleaning over the
sheet as a whole.

The HT-2 test is considered a valuable at home method
of insuring clean prints at very near archival levels; no
stain. Once a methodology is established, infrequent
testing should do.

I've some testing myself to do. I'll use multiple sheets,
perhaps four, unexposed; through developer, fix and
hold. Wash, drying, and testing follow. Dan