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Have a look through this site for inspiration: http://www.raymentkirbycameras.co.uk/

Especially the 'Workshop' section.

I have my interpretations of some of his ideas drawn up on CAD if you are interested.

I'll add another vote for this suggestion. In fact, I am right in the midst of doing exactly this. I've gotten my own CAD work done--while the site gives a lot of great information, there's holes left for you to fill in on your own.

I've just started a warmp-up project building myself a router table to help with the precision routing needed for the camera. Most of my materials are on order, so I'm waiting for supplies to arrive. The places I've found to be useful for supplies are McMaster-Carr, Smallparts, Lee Valley Hardware, and Online Metals. I also found Reid Supply invaluable for CAD models of harware that McMaster was missing, and Rush Gears site was awesome for getting a pinion gear CAD file.