What's key here is the availability of cut sheet film in 2-1/4"x 3-1/4" sizes. There are only a few B&W emulsions yet available fresh (regrettable situation only likely to get worse). Short of cutting your own film out of larger sheet sizes, roll film is about the only option for color transparencies. So most have moved on to using roll film in 120 format on MF view cameras.

The Graflok back on a 2x3 is much more desirable than a spring back, insofar as a camera with a Graflok will accept modern roll film holders (IOW, it will not limit your options for using 120 format roll film holders to finding 620 take-up spools for an antique Adapt-A-Roll that used 620 film, and having to respool your film in order to use it. You might, however, have to either resort to this or else get inventive if you get your heart set on an old Busch Model C Pressman).