The movements I use in descending order of frequency for mainly Landscapes and occasional Buildings

Front Rise (gets rid of excess foreground)
Rear Lateral Shift (I like the slightly unusual perspective and it helps line/misalign objects & trees – on my Ebony the rear shift control is easier to access than the front when under the darkcloth)
Front Fall (enhanced foreground gives a greater sense of depth to photographs)
Rear Rise (only when I am starting to run out of front fall)
Front Lateral Shift (only when I am running out of rear lateral shift)

However, the choice of necessary movements is a very personal thing.

IMO, you are probably best initially using your Horseman as a Field Camera and finding out what movements you like to use.

Make your choice of Field Camera on what movements you do/don’t want

It has always amazed me how little movement I actually want when using a 90mm – probably the classic case of “less is more”