Thanks everyone for your further comments above. I think you are probably right Martin - movement preferences are a somewhat personal thing. But it has been good to hear some of those prefs here. Which Ebony do you use?

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This being said, a Sinar F travels surprisingly well in a backpack, lacks nothing as far as movement, and they are very reasonably priced now. My F1 weighs in at about 6 lbs. sans lens. Your Horseman may be just as good for carrying.
I wish! The Horseman is a terrific sturdy studio camera, but weighs 10.5 pounds without any lens, tripod, film holders etc. Carrying it around with food and camping gear for a couple of days quickly gets tedious... (Some of the terrain I like to cover is pretty rough Peter, so the trolley idea is not the answer for me unfortunately...)

Anybody know how good those personal jetpacks are these days?