Another fine review/essay from the pages of the Boston Globe, on a show up now and into the fall at Williams College Museum of Art of Steichen's work in fashion and in portraiture -- two shows actually. I'm going; it'll give me a chance to stay overnight at Porches.

Some quotes (written by Mark Feeney) "Steichen’s fashion photography never transcends the genre, as does the work of Penn and Richard Avedon at their best. He was a technician of glamour, not an artist. Still - what technique! what glamour!"

"At Condé Nast, he was the Annie Leibovitz of his day - in overdrive. Steichen made more than 1,000 celebrity portraits during this period. Some of them remain instantly recognizable: Paul Robeson, brooding and implacable, in his “Emperor Jones’’ costume; Noel Coward so preposterously suave..."

-bill h