If you want a camera, ragc has it right- don't obsess over making it fine cabinetry- unless you are good at that- make it good enough to work and use it. If you keep it simple it should go well. I set out with an idea and picked at it for , well, years. So I got it done and shot a coupla negs and that revealed a lot about my idea and my skills, and lack thereof- but it worked. I found out a lot about the difference between my ideas and my skills. I found what I really wanted and am almost done revamping , so "real soon" it will not only work, but work as I wanted it to- and better. I thought I would use standard springbacks- only to find that they are not standard, so the last task is to finish an 8x10 springback that works, and studying how a standard film holder works has been a really valuable lesson, per DannL's message. But you see, as I have fought this project to a draw I have applied the lessons to a 7x17, and that includes film holders and a springback. The worst part is not starting. And don't worry about doing a part or parts over, each try is easier/better. There is an old saying--"Never build a house until you have built one" It need not apply to building a useable camera.