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I have one lens from agfa isolette (85mm f4.5), that is from folder camera medium format 6x6.
That lens will not cover the full 5x4 frame but would be o.k. for setting it up.

I have had some success with lenses from 6x9 format cameras which should theoretically not cover the format but when stopped down, do just about cover it.

I have used a 105mm lens from one of the later plastic bodied Kodak 6x9 folders and a similar lens from a Zeiss 6x9 folder.

To get the benefit of a view camera with movements though, you will eventually want a lens designed for large formnat use.

Another source of cheap(ish) lenses is the European format 6x12 cameras which crop up on ebay. I have one of these which came with a 135mm Zeiss Tessar. Stopped down, this works o.k. with limited movements although in theory, it is for a slightly smaller format.