I am a administrator of a photography program in Vancouver,B.C. And we receive donations rarely but I have one that I really don't know what it could be used for. It is a Wollensak 8.25" 210 mm f/6.8 Graphic Raptar Wide Field Lens on a 5"X5" metal lens board with .25 holes in each corner.
I have been doing research on Wollensak lenes and the ones for a LF camera have a shutter with the lens. The one I have doesn't have a shutter on it. I thought it might be an enlarger lens but the 210 mm kind of blows that idea out of the water. And I have read that Raptar and Raptor are two different quality of lens as well.
What I was wondering could this be a start of a construction gig for the winter or is it a lens to leave sitting in my drawer or use as a paper weight?
Your learned advice will be appreciated. Thanks: Dennis S.