I have a question for all you OM users out there regarding metering while using extension tubes.

I have a set of genuine Olympus (brand) OM extension tubes.

These tubes do not permit open aperture metering (the stop-down mechanism is inoperative when using these tubes) and the diaphragm remains on whatever aperture is set on the aperture ring at the time (i.e. in the stopped down mode).

So, (with, say the OM2) when using these tubes with metering set on "Auto" it appears the viewfinder displays exactly the same exposure recommendation as you get by changing to "Manual" (for the same scene).

So, is that all there is to it?

I mean (say, with the OM2), if you simply have it on Auto (or Manual) you just take the TTL metering as read and release the shutter and exposure should be OK?

Or do you have to do some fancy exposure compensation or what?

Then, what about in the case of the OM2n,the OM2sp, or the OM10?

Advice welcomed.