There is a book by Stephen Begleiter titled, The Art of Color Infrared Photography. I found this book to be highly useful - along with copious notes on a single roll where I tried various filters. Note, the red filter did not look good at all. Yellow and orange gave cool effects.

This is one film effect that I have yet to see reproduced faithfully in digital. The color IR effects I have seen look nothing like what you can get with EIR. IMO.

Kodak recommends the Wratten 12 (and maybe even a CC50 filter). I think that I have either rated the film at 200 or on occasion 400. I do recall that Stephen Begleiter's book does recommend the CC50 filter for various applications, but I'd have to go back and look. I did buy one of these filters, but have yet to try it on this film. Guess that's something I'll have to try soon.

Okay, I just looked at the film spec sheet and it lists the ISO for E6 process as being 200. It lists ISO 100 for the AR-5 process. It is ti2323 on the Kodak site. I put a link to that page and you should be able to scroll down to the EIR listing.

It also lists several CC (color correcting) filters for use with tungsten lighting, namely a CC20C, and a CC50C. I have tried several other CC filters in daylight with decent looking results.

I have also found this film to give pleasing results with evergreens in snowy scenes.