Well, thanks folks for the input. (I've been out of the country for the last couple of weeks... well, out of the hemisphere, to be more precise, but I've been following the respones here.) Nonetheless, I am now the proud owner of a cc400. (Thanks, Jeff )

The learning curve not too daunting at this stage, but then again, I haven't actually loaded it with film. (I've got some coming in next week) Still, I've been composing and focusing and learning the movements. I think this camera will be at the least a very stable learning tool. I think my only lens is a little on the short side, at 105mm, (a Staebel Magnogon process lens) but I'm certain it will be joined by other more suitable lenses in the fullness of time.

Thanks again, I will probably revive this thread if I can't plunder necessary information from elsewhere in the forums. Any hints and suggestions are always appreciated.