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What! If all else fails, read the instructions? In this day of computers, digisnaps and tweeting no one knows how to read instructions anymore!

OK, if you're gonna be catty, then before you RTFMing me, try actually RTFPing for me — where "P" is "posting".

1) I have read these technical guides and user experiences on teh intarnats for the last two years (from roughly the time I acquired EIR).

2) I asked about fluorescent lighting situations. Do a word search on "fluorescen[*]" in the Kodak EIR technical guide, or on the pair of URLs helpfully provided by skyrick. Let me know what you find. 2F/2F kindly gave a direct link to the technical guide, so it shouldn't put you back much.

3) Aside from "Kodak Wratten filter #12" — not made any longer, not adequately described — being a "yellow" filter (which could be everything from canary yellow to harvest gold), there isn't much else on the info, not even a reference shot of what one looks like. Other regular EIR users, if you bothered going online, are using any or several of the Hoya O (G) filter (some call this "yellow", but if this yellow, then red is the new orange), the B+W 099 Infracolor orange filter, or any variation of yellow or gold for achieving certain colour effects under daylight conditions. Some even use red filters, even though that results in harsh effects that are generally not desired (but hey, whatever gets you up in the morning). I even know what to expect with EIR under moonlit conditions.

So please, Steve: step back, go back and re-read what I asked and why I asked about shooting under fluorescent lighting. If, until and when you've decided to return without being adversarial, arrogant, sarcastic, or diminutive, and if you have something helpful, amicable, and knowledgeable to offer — photographer to photographer — then please, we're all ears here as we all stand to learn something from it.

Otherwise, quit meddling like a troll would and sit on your hands next time. Thanks!