Lodima Fine Art Silver Chloride Paper Update #2 7/26/09

Lodima Fine Art Silver Chloride Paper will be coated in August. If you have already placed an order, we will be depositing your check or charging your credit card. If you are living outside of the United States and will be wiring payment, we will send you our bank transfer information. This charge is exclusive of shipping charges.

The manufacturer of the paper agreed to coat the paper even though we have not met the minimum quantity they require. As a result of their extensive R&D costs not being recovered, the manufacturer is raising the price of the paper to us.

Because we have made a commitment to those who have ordered paper at our announced price, we will keep the price the same for those who have already placed orders. And we will keep this price until August 7. For all orders places after August 7 there will be new prices.

Size and Quantity Current price Price after August 7
8x10-100 $139.95 $149.95
8x10-250 $324.95 $349.95
9x11-100 $174.95 $189.95
10x12-100 $209.95 $224.95
11x14-100 $269.96 $289.95
8x10-100 $279.95 $299.95
14x17-50 $254.95 $274.95
16x20-50 $279.95 $299.95
20x24-50 $419.94 $449.95
Rolls 60cm x 25m $409.95 $439.95

Now is the time to place an order or to increase the size of your order.

A number of photographers have ordered only one grade of paper. We know of no one who makes negatives so consistently that they need to print on only one grade of paper. Even Ansel Adams with his zone system needed more than one grade of paper. We cannot imagine anything more frustrating than being in the darkroom and finding that we do not have the right grade of paper. Lodima Fine Art comes in grade 2 and grade 3. We advise everyone to order at least one box of each.

As we go forward, we will be stocking paper in both grades, but only in the following sizes.

8x10-100 sheets
8x10-250 sheets
11x14-100 sheets
20x24-50 sheets

We will not stock the other sizes. If you have ordered paper in a size other than those that we will stock, you might want to add to your order at this time.

There have been so few orders for some of the sizes (14 x 17, for example) that we may incur substantial additional set-up charges. If we do, we will let you know, and you might want to change your order (from 14 x 17 to 16 x 20, for example). The set-up charges are likely to be considerably more than the additional cost for a slightly larger size.

Thank you for your interest in and support of Lodima Fine Art Silver Chloride paper. We could not have done this without you.

Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee