This photograph was taken at Sturgeon Bay during Photostock 2009 . The sunset that evening was gorgeous, and as the light slowly faded I noticed the shimmering surface of the water spreading in concentric rings around rocks poking above the surface.

Negative: 120 Ilford Delta 100 developed in Pyrocat
Paper: Ilford MGIV developed in Ansco 130

The top portion of the negative was cropped to rectangular proportions, which I thought emphasized the expanding ripples.

I worked on a series of prints using different techniques to get the feeling I had in mind.

Local manipulation of tones was achieved using a dye-dodging mask on translucent material that was then sandwiched with the negative during enlargement. Dye (Marshall's spotting dyes) was applied to the mask using a spotting brush. I added density to some of the ripples on the water, and to the rock to bring them out in relation to shadow areas of the water.

Print 1: Base exposure made with a VC 2.5 filter. Top portion burned in ~1/2 stop. Edges burned in ~1/6 stop.

Print 2: 1/2 of base exposure made with a VC 3.5 filter, 1/2 with a diffusion sheet laid on top of paper. Same burning sequence as above

Print 3: Overprinted. 1/3 of base exposure made with VC 2.5 filter, 2/3 with a diffusion sheet. Same burning sequence as above. After the normal development/fix/wash sequence, the print was bleached back.

All the prints were then subsequently toned in thiocarbamide.