Dear Ian and 2F / 2F,

I think it is time to calm down, because there are some misunderstandings concerning the Rollei Redbird film and the links to flickr.

I've done a search for the postings in the german forums. These misunderstandings, especially of the named photographer on flickr, are based on wrong translations from German to English.

Nobody have written that these photos were made with the Rollei Redbird film. Neither the people from Rollei-Film nor other photographers.
In the discussions in German forums the question occured, what Redscale technology is and how it looks like. Because lots of "classical photographers" know anything about this technique.

And then it was answered that on flickr there are some groups dedicated to Redscale photography, with lots of pictures.
And it was said the series of that special photographer was a good example in general how Redscale works.
And it was said that these examples were made with a different film, not with Rollei Redbird. It was all correct.

Therefore there is no reason for bashing Rollei-Film.

And I don't understand the trouble about cross-processing. Cross-Processing has been made for decades now. It is established.