I have enjoyed this thread and wanted to contribute.

I received a box of AGFA MCC 111 at John Powers' recent APUG gathering (thanks Matt!) and decided to put it to use on an old neg last night. I developed the paper in PF130 for 2 minutes and selenium toned it at 1:50 for 3 minutes. The print has a light brown tone with just a hint of magenta. It is a rather dark interpretation though reminiscent of the actual sunrise light.

I contact printed the 8x10 neg (Tri-X in Pyrocat HD) using a Bostick Sullivan 9x11 frame and a dichro enlarger as the light source. The method was split grade printing.

I laid down a test sheet using YELLOW 150. I chose a highlight exposure of 10 seconds and added strips of MAGENTA 170. I then made a straight print using using 10 seconds of Y150 and 25 seconds of M170.

I altered this a bit and ended up with the following:

1. Y150 base for 8 seconds during which I DODGED the bottom mud cracks using a medium sized rectangular dodging tool, moving it from left to right and back across the print maybe 3 times over the 8 seconds.

2. Y150 BURN for 6 seconds on the sky area and allowing some light to hit the dunes at the top of the frame.

3. Y150 BURN for 4 seconds on the top left corner, including the sky, mountains and dunes.

4. M170 base for 20 seconds.

5. M170 burn of 10 seconds on the top third of the print.

The result is a somewhat subtle print based around low values. The scan looks reasonably close on my calibrated monitor and terrible on my non-calibrated monitor....