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In this article, I am going to lay out a camera, lens, exposure, film, developing, paper and printing regimen that will speed you on your way to achieving print Nirvana....

...Summation: There is no camera, no lens, no film, no developer, no kind of developing, no paper, and no printing method that will make your work sing in the beginning. All the really cool stuff on APUG about developers, stand developing, pre-flashing, split grade printing, yada yada, is great reading, but can be usefully applied and evaluated only by the photographers here that have the discipline, consistency, and experience that allows the tiny little differences these things offer find a useful place in the tool set.

The one real key to "Nirvana", however, is in the realization that ... YOU! You, yourself, inexperenced, thrashing through the widerness ... have the capability of producing FINE work, and YOU WILL, although you may not appreciate it at the time.

Your creativity will truly be stifled if you do something that just rocks, but you don't know what you did. Don't be a someone with a thousand monkeys with typewriters hoping that one of them writes MacBeth.
Is OK with me. I don't expect to write anything a complex as MacBeth ... but all though my work, there have been passages that might well compare.

... "Don't know what (I) did?"

To me that translates to "mystery", and that to me, is VITAL.
I don't think I've ever really understood any ... most ... even a few of the factors... that produce "successful" (to me) work.

More and more I am amazed, and mystified. i've been able to discipline myself to concentrate on the successes, and to let the rest fade into the background.

The successes make it all worth while - more than.

I love this miraculous "photography"... whatever it is.