I have a Leica IIIf and a Russian clone of a IIIa. I don't know about Leica II, but some areas to watch with Leica III were the collar around the shutter release button and the viewfinder/rangefider windows on back. 1. The Leica shutter release doesn't stick up as far above the collar, and the collar on the Leica is wider. My IIIF has a little off-center dot on the shutter release, also, that turns when you advance film. 2. The viewfinder and rangefinder windows on the Leica are side-by-side and fomr a black elipse on the back of the camera, like two black capital D's placed back to back. The Russian copy has two round, chrome windows, and they're farther apart. Also, my Leica IIIf has both auf-open and zu-close on the bottom cover release. The Russian copy has only auf-zu. I realize the you were asking about Leica II, not III, but perhaps this info will help anyway. On a final note: if you get the chance to handle a real Leica vs. a fake, the quality is immediately apparent. I daresay i could tell the difference with my eyes closed. The Leica shutter action is smooth and easy. The Russian is like metal grating on metal, and much rougher. Some Russian fakes may be better than others, both in workmanship and accuracy. In mine, it's pretty obvious. I think price is a pretty good indicator, too. If a Leica looks too good to be true, price-wise, it probably is.

Good luck,

Cheers, George