Before making a decision that light leaking into a darkroom is not affecting or fogging your material, run a simple test. In fact the same test used for checking your "safe light" works for checking how much leaking light is in
the area where you handle your sensitized paper/film. An exposed or slightly exposed sheet of paper or film seems to be more sensitive and liable to fog than a sheet with no exposure. The quality of the finished product will be diminished/degraded if there is any stray light bouncing around in your chosen workspace. I still use a green safe light for inspection developing,
but only at the tail end of the developing process when the films sensitivity
to light is all but exhausted. Each to his own, but I will guarantee that if you can see anything at all in a darkroom after ten minutes with the lights off,
that your materials will be fogging and your quality will not be what it could be!.

C Webb