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So, if I do understand what has been told here, I can be certain that the Crossbird is a genuine colour-slide film in 35 mm format. So, it can be processed in E-6 to produce 'normal' colour transparencies suitable for projection, scanning and/or printing on Ilfochrome.
If this is true, than we can welcome an almost 'new' but normal colour-reversal film on the market with a EI of 200 ASA to be processed in E-6, right or wrong?
If right, than this is good news, any new film is good news...

I have a feeling it is wrong. Rollei already has a nice 200 speed slide film and I am guessing that they will just put that in the crossbird cans. The Rollei CR200 Pro is known for cross processing very well already. You can buy it from Freestyle in 35mm and 120.