Dear 2F / 2F,
we have a lot of these customers. Not only in Japan.
But in Japan is the "lomo art technique" very, very popular. This may be a reason for the demand.

At moment this users are ordering endless quantities of color negative 400/27 films ex our stock.
A product of the Maco Surveillance Business Divison: Maco TSC EAGLE. art no. TCS4030.

T stands for traffic.
S stands for surveillance.
C stands for color negative.
40 stands for 400/27.
30 stands for 30,5 meter lenght (100 feet).

The price for one single roll 135-36 self made out of the bulk filmbox may be a little bit more than 3 Dollar.
This Maco standard films are winded on a spool.
For our b&w bulk films we are normally the Ilford AA standard core.