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While strong opinions are welcome here, could we please dial back the drama a bit and express those opinions without the abusive language? Thanks.

I suspect a product like color neg film rolled backward with reverse edge printing isn't particularly marketed toward photographers with much of a technical background or history in film photography, so much as it's aimed at Lomography types who are coming to film photography from a different perspective and want to try something that seems funky and unusual to them. If it gets some young people to start experimenting with film, it doesn't seem like such a bad thing.
David, you are right.

A lot of apuggers seem to have a problem with Lomography, low fidelity photography, toy camera photography, experimental photography or whatever you will call these style(s) of analog photography.

They define themselves as "fine art photographers" and have a sometimes arrogant or snobbish look at those photographers who are going a different way.

I don't do low fidelity photography by myself. But I respect everyone who likes to do it.

And very very important: The low fidelity photographers are supporting us "classic photographers". Meanwhile there are more than 1,5 millions photograhers doing these new styles worldwide. They are buying millions of films and keep the production lines running.
Without these photographers we would have lost much more films.
Furthermore the Holga company,the Lomographic Society and some other companies in that area do active promotion for using film as photographic medium, as an alternative to digital capture.
And they give workshops worldwide for young photographers. Lots of young photographers have discovered film in this digital age by the lomography / low-fi movement.

There is indeed good reason to be thankful that this movement and these companies are deeply committed to film and very active.

You may have a look at this photographer explaining these styles quite good:


Regards, Michael