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Re-read post 27. Do you wake up in the morning looking for a high horse to climb?
Please read what I wrote before you give me grief for saying things I did not say. Those message boards were not mentioned in this discussion until Film Lover brought them in arbitrarily to confuse the situation. Obviously, it has worked, as evidenced by you post.

I am not talking about links from anything but the Maco Direct Website, which contained nothing except "click here for more pictures". As for the links from a message board that is not part of the Maco Direct Website, I never referred to them, and there would be nothing wrong with linking from one of them in a forum discussion. For the umpteenth time, the link to which I am referring (now removed since this thread) was on the Maco Direct Website, was uncredited, heavily implies that the image was shot on Rollei Redbird, and was immediately removed as soon as this thread got heated about it.