I'm getting ready to get ready to build my 5x7 field camera and only have one last choice to make, probably the most important. What metal to use for hardware.

Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, not a metal but plastic or carbon fiber.

For me Brass is the most enjoyable, it mills, drills, brazes and finishes well.
I have worked with Aluminum but it is not as nice to work with, not that it won't mill, drill or finishes but it can't be brazed together if necessary.
Steel, no it rusts and is too heavy. There are steel parts on old cameras as springs and fasteners etc..
Plastic or Carbon Fiber, my last choice, maybe Carbon Fiber but there are special techniques and I don't want a long and expensive learning curve.

Brass adds weight, Titanium doesn't but is a harder material.

So, does anyone have experience working with Titanium? What does it take to cut, slot, and finish it and what tooling is needed to drill. I have a Titanium drill set but only high speed steel taps and dies.

Any ideas on the materials for hardware?

I like the looks of the Ebony cameras. They probably have Flo Jet cutters or have the parts made for them.

If I use Brass what's best, plating, lacquering, or powder coating?

Thanks, all comments appreciated,