What wonderful purchases. You really seem to be doing it right. My hope is that you are joking, because I am very sure these will not be your final ULF questions. The best of good fortune to you in your new ventures.

On the connection between your tripod and camera I would read
The OP, Bill, lives near me and we discussed this problem. I was afraid of what he wanted to do and suggested he ask advice from people with larger cameras than my Phillips 7x17.

I use a Ries A 250 double tilt head on a 1950s vintage Ries A 100. I am told the old tripod is stronger than the new. I do not know myself. Tripod and head are massive and strong. I have no fear for this. I only move it from the jogger to the car, so weight is not important.

Thanks John Bowen. I didn’t know that I had a fan club. My father always taught me to look over the group and be sure to pick anyone over 6’ 5” for your team. I am only 5’ 9” so we might look in our fantasies like Ansel and Edward out shooting together, different height, different view. Here is what I wrote on Baby Joggers. You might find the whole thread useful rather than just one person’s opinion.

To make the job easier on a trip I carry either or both my 8x10 and my 7x17 mounted on their tripods in the back of my 2003 Toyota Highlander SUV. That way I can take out the baby jogger, put film holders on the bottom frame, put the cooler bag of lenses in the baby seat, put the tripod spikes into the foot pad, bungy cord the top of the tripod to the lens bag and jogger frame. Brett Weston and 50 feet be dammed. I am good for four miles round trip. Now of course if I had Brett’s vision I might not need to go four miles.

John Powers