I use the Ries Junior to support my Ritter 14x20. The Ries Junior is near its limit but it works well. I also have a B2, and that will work, but in practice I see no need for a quick release for a Ritter camera. It is very easy to mount and secure the camera to the Ries head. Usually takes less than 60 seconds. The screw on the Ries head is spring loaded so you you just lay the camera on the head, tilt it a little to center the hole over the screw (you hear the screw engage because of the spring loading), and then tighten the screw. Using the head is not as rigid as just using the camera mounted directly to the tripod, but I still use the head for ease of adjustment. Since you are using the A series tripod, you can use a Ries A series head. I use a Miller CF cine tripod and it mates perfectly to the Junior head.