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and frankly, the prints IMO look like crap, utter crap. even a poorly processed wet print looks better 75% of the time than these dry-process prints.

and, IIRC, the longevity(archival quality) of the prints isn't that long, is it?

Indeed, real crap.
Before I went seriously into photography I Just used the crappy p&S. We wanted to print a photo of a family event. We went to a pair of places. The first one ran out of paper, so we went to a Fuji place 20 meters from this one. The fuji "Lab" had a nice service, they shown us how to sort the stuff in those computers they have. We printed some, and when we got back the prints. Awful!
The colors were flat (one of the persons in the photo wore an orange sweater, and there were just two tones, one orange on shadow and the other orange lit, no more tones!) and the fine detail is smudged. More stuff it can be added.
While my lab does nice smudged, wanna be velvia prints. These are better than the digi print stuff!
Another reason to shoot slide. No prints to look at.