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I don't think I'd want to be using a TEA developer out of a two liter bottle.

Was the pump strokes pretty consistent in the amount they delivered with each stroke? If you're getting .5ml per stroke and need 10ml, would the 20 strokes introduce to much variability batch to batch?

Bottles with the lotion pump are available in a wide range of sizes. I'm 82 years old. I wouldn't think of mixing 2 liters for my use.

I wouldn't depend on the lotion pump for accurate measurements. I would use it to transfer from storage to a graduated cylinder. Without the pump, this is a problem. Of course, the oral dosing syringe that looks like a hypo is an alternative, but it is a bit clumsy at times. I tried using the cylinder from such a syringe, without the plunger, as a graduated cylinder. The tip must be covered and when the desired amount is in the cylinder, the tip is to be placed over the receiving vessel, the tip is opened and the plunger is reinserted to insure getting all the stuff from the cylinder walls. The obvious tip cover at the time was a fingertip, which is a bit messy and in some cases dangerous. Since the concentrate is going into water in this case, it is better to rinse the measuring cylinder with some of the contents of the receiving vessel.