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I may not be able to wait that long. I took two shots at that angle and one has an airbell or pinhole not sure which (clear spot on negative) and the other has what may be uneven developing (lower right corner). Just can't win! I'm going to see about the other kind of fixer. If nothing else I am determined

The invitation continues. The girls and I went north or rather straight up an unbelievable hill from there today along the Buckeye Trail. We stopped to admire Blue Hen both ways. At the far end we stopped at another beautiful stream through the woods.

Did I misunderstand the conversation about the holes in the film? I thought you also had the option of getting rid of two films that were known to have this problem. Why fight a known problem? You do remember the old line? The definition of insanity is continuing to do something the same way while expecting different results.

Win another contest. Have B&H deliver new film and get back over here for a re-shoot. The camp ground is always open. The girls and I hike about every other day, this week more often, making up for all that ice cream.

In the mean time I told Shawn that I blew up the church (enlarged. I don't want lurkers thinking we blow up churches) with scaffolding and the steeple in the back yard next to the Little Tykes house to 16x20. I am waiting for it to dry, but I liked it so much wet that I probably will enlarge it to 20x24 for a local "Fresh & Witty" juried exhibit. We will see. Entry is in one week and I am waiting for developer from B&H.