Thank you everyone for the helpful replies. I should have said, last questions before delivery. After reading all the comments I think probably end up buying a A250 Head at some point, but before that I will give the B2 a try since I already have it, if it doesnt work I can sell it for more than the price of Ries head, so I wont be out either way.


I saw the pictures of the 14x20! That is one awesome looking camera. Since its a nonstandard size, I assume you have to cut down the film yourself from 16x20?

Matt. I have been admiring your homepage for a while now. I like the 12x20 stuff you have done, one of the reasons I went with the format.

John & John, you both have given me a lot of to think about. I might start scrounging through the local used shops to find a jogging stroller, they are somewhat rare here on this side of the Pacific.

I am looking at the dog, and thinking he might be useful to help haul this stuff around.......though I think I might get bitten if I try.

Thanks again for it all, I am sure I will be posting here alot more over the next few months. I was originally going to go ULF last year, but as soon as I started to get things together I found out my wife was pregnant, delayed everything by a year.