Thanks all for the complements. It's a real commitment to build a working darkroom these days. The attached (house) garage arrangement works fine for my maximium print size (30X40), but that left only 9'X20' of unfinished, garage-like space in the remainder of the garage for the presentation area. It's a bit cramped with tools, kayaks, bike racks, etc. and swinging around 36"X48" matted prints can be risky - I could use at least twice the space to feel more comfortable - but you work with what you got (or are left with, especially these days). When not mounting, the wife uses the desk space for her office, now that she works at home. FYI - The DR dryside is on the other side of the finished wall (the one with the matted print rejects) to the left of garage entry from house:

Robert - watch out for the flourescent lighting lag - I decided on temperature adjusted (low voltage) halogen incandescent cans and spots throughout the DR.