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Love your space... I'm doing the same exact thing right now, just scaled down a little. I am using most of my 1 car garage for my new darkroom.. 13' x 9'. Sink will be 10' long. I have to share space with the water heater, but that only takes 30" x 30" of the corner. (hot water won't take too long to warm up)

I found a 36" revolving door locally. (thanks kevin) The door makes a great babysitter for my kid... better than spongebob!

More pics to come...
Robert,your construction looks about the same when I built mine,also in garage with a ten foot sink.However I did not put enough electrical outlets in,three to a side is not enough.Also put a small window air conditioner with the back side is inside the garage,wish it stuck out the outside wall of garage thus producing less heat in the garage. Of course the reg stuff Insulation,pluming,at least to water outlets, exhaust fan,going to add another exhaust fan at tray level that comes out to out side of garage. Have fun

Mike C