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Henri Cartier-Bresson was frank about not caring one bit about the photographic process after the pictures were shot. He never developed or printed himself, yet still managed to become the father of street photography.
I don't know about never developed or printed - it's widely said he liked the look of film developed in Harvey's 777, and early Magnum used it extensively, so he seemed at least familiar with the "look" of different film/developer combos. So, it seems likely he saw a number of combos he didn't like, and thus did in fact care about the process (maybe less than the content of the photos, to be fair).

Also I'm not sure it's fair to compare whoever HCB had print his work to a minilab - I don't think the equivalent existed in HCB's working time (and of course he was using B&W film, not c-41), so he must have had someone printing it manually for him - a skilled process, not a button-pusher. We will never know if HCB would have been just as happy shooting C-41 and having a minilab process it, but he didn't really have the problem of unskilled labour processing his work in his time.