The machines that the one-hour labs use are very good. They are capable of outstanding results. Many pro labs use the same machines. It's not the equipment; it's the people. You might notice in the video that the technician did not seem particularly knowledgeable, and that he handled the film roughly, in a way that would leave fingerprints and possibly scratches. The automatic corrections the machines do are usually quite good, but they don't always give a great result. Some labs are more careful than others about doing fixes. Some labs are more careful than others about chemicals, processor adjustment, cleanliness, machine maintenance, and all the other little things that go into good and consistent commercial processing. Some run and check control strips; many don't. There are labs that do better and those that do worse. Some pro labs are worse than the local one-hour type. Most do an adequate job, especially if you are just after developing and a proof set. if you do your own you can guarantee that the chemistry is fresh, you will probably spend more money, you will definitely spend more time, and you will have only yourself to blame for bad results.