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14x20 is like 5x7 on 'roids. Jack Deardorff originally came up with the size for Kenro Izu. I read that Kenro wanted a 20x24 camera and Jack said the largest format he could produce was 14x20 fit to the 12x0 Deardorff camera. When he made Kenro's camera, he made a few extra backs. I guess it was harder to have the larger ulf cameras built in the '70s. I had the back for quite awhile and finally gave up on finding a Deardorff 12x20 camera. Actually, Richard's camera came in at less than 1/2 the weight of a Deardorff and I can do verticals also. The image on the ground glass is amazing.


that story is awesome. I love the ingenuity of the ULF mind! You have to have it to love this pursuit. I would love to see your work if you have a link please post it. If you are ever down around Asheville don't hesitate to look me up and we will go white whale hunting