[I do agree that the name is negative.]Good luck with the event.

I do agree that the name is negative. Funny to those in the know about analog (including myself), but perhaps weird/uninviting to those who do not. So, I guess you have to consider who the audience is. Do you want only analog types there, or do you want to open the eyes of digital types as well?

Also, since pixel means picture element, there could be confusion. Though the term only applies to digital images, even analog pix are made up of picture elements.

Pictures Less Pixels? Pixeless Exhibit? The Pixel-Free Zone? Pixel-Free Exhibit? Etc...[/QUOTE]

Don't worry about the title it was the one that was used last year and is being used now as a working title to rally Irish analog workers for the next exhibition. I'm sure we will come up with suitable one for our next one.