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Also many thanks from this end Sandy. The comparisons with D76 will really be interesting.

Perhaps you and Gainer should develop a kit form of Pyro-Uno and sell such!?

What precautions do you use when weighing and using the Pyrogallol?



First, about the precautions. I wear a mask and make sure that any powder that might get in to the air will go downwind from me.

Second, the amount of useful practical information Gadget has shared with our community about formulating developers for films and papers is nothing short of amazing. And in large measure, the information he has shared has been empirical data, which I find to be the most useful.

I had hoped to get out today and do some exposures for comparison testing of Pyro-Uno with D76 1:1. Unfortunately, the transmission on my old Nissan Pathfinder is causing problem and won't allow me to back up. For that reason the Pathfinder is now in the hands of a local mechanic, who to this point (three days and running) has not been able to identify the source of the problem. So here I am, stranded at home and at the mercy of my wife who has a fully operational vehicle.