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Hi All,

My RR 12x20 is apparently nearing completion and will probably be ready in the next few weeks. (Waiting on the bellows, I guess). I have picked up locally a used Ries A100-2. Its built like and can probably support a tank. The only thing is that it didn't come with a head. I happen to have an Arca B2 here, which I am in love with. (I would probably marry it, but certain laws as well as my wife would probably prevent it but I).

I know there are various schools of thought about using a head or not using a head. The B2 is about as sold and stable as you and get, but I wonder if its not enough or too much. Or should I just mount it directly to the tripod, without a head. The biggest advantage I can see with using the head is I can use my other cameras that already have Arca type plates on them.

The RR12x20 itself is about 14 pounds, but throw on a lens and filmholder gets closer to 20 I am guessing.

Any thoughts?

Also, how is everybody transporting thier cameras? Everything I have up to 8x10 I am carrying in a photobackpacker sytem. Which is not an option for this camera. Given the weight of the camera, tripod and other goodies wheels are beginning to look pretty damn good. Some happen to mention a jogging stroller and somebody else a game cart.

I had thought of using my wife, but she objected.

Thanks All.

Welcome to ULF!
I have used the Arca B2 on Gitzo Carbon sticks for over 17 years. Works very well.
For carrying the Canham 12x20 and 7x17 reducing back, I've used a Lightware Power Kit Case for a similar amount of time. Surprisingly the camera fits quite well into this with the dark cloth somewhat padding. Very sturdy.
Holders go in white cases I had AWB custom make back in 1993 -- but he's offered them since we did the initial design.
And take a look at the wind stabilizer - another of Alan's products concocted after discussions on the phone many years ago....
(Not sure if Alan is still building, but Fred Newman at Viewcamerastore.com can get items...)