The one in the ebay ad is for 3x3". If complete it should have a shade. The problem with this holder is it's limited to lens with an outside of 75mm [not the filter thread but the outside] and it will only use one filter at a time. I picked up one awhile back out of a junk bin. I bet 1000 people had handled it before me-) Works fine within the limits. OTOH I've got a few lens that are too big for it. Right now it's sitting next to the enlarger for the times I need to use a contrast filter.

The Lee Gelsnap kits sound like good value. The B&W one is I think $60. Includes the holder and four filters. A yellow,orange,red [maybe two yellows?] The holder is limited the same way the one above is. But it fits lens up to I think 82mm. Some people have mentioned that it doesn't work well with lens that are too small. These are 4x4 filters.

The screw in aren't really more expensive. Well if you avoid the really fancy names. Hoyas aren't very expensive. Worse you could buy them from Canada and save a bit. The problem is getting them to fit different lenses.

You might be able to mount your filters on the back of the lens.