Hi Ted,

I was in a similar position after I left college (although I would describe myself as "self taught"). I actually moved from Australia to London to get experience assisting photographers in the area I wanted to break into.

My first call was the AOP website and then I searched for every photographer who undertook and produced work in the style I loved. From there I got in touch and asked if they required an assistant; often actually bookeing a time to meet with them to show some work. It paid off - I landed many gigs and also semi-fulltime work with one particular photographer.

It isn't easy, but professionalism, a willingness to do the most mundane things (tea anyone?), a good work ethos, being well organised and tenacious will get you over the line eventually.

Get in touch with photographers in the area and see if they need help on their next wedding (or one in the future). It makes *very* good business sense on their part to have more than one assistant on call - you never know when they may get the flu, decide to move or just break on their own as well!

If you want a more in-depth breakdown of what i did, drop me a PM.

Good luck!

- Nanette