Speaking of our lack of photo "resources" here in San Antonio... I'm just getting back into analog photography after about a decade of not having picked up a camera that wasn't digital. I almost fell over when I went in to the prolab to pick up my first batch of 4x5 that I had processed and contact printed... almost $100 bucks for 20 sheets! Ouch.

I have some extra space in my shop and had been considering building a darkroom back there. The cost of having LF processing done here in SA pretty well made my mind up on that issue.

Now the question is... Is there sufficient interest in the SA area to have a "community" darkroom? I would supply the space and all of the hardware, but would be interested in renting out time to other area photographers to use the room for their own work. The room would be equipped with a JOBO for processing, as well as trays, and a couple of enlargers, including an 8x10 color enlarger, overall it would be fairly nicely equipped from a hardware standpoint.

I'm building the darkroom either way, but if there's sufficient interest I will probably make it a little bit bigger if I'm not the only one who is going to be stumbling around in there.

Any thoughts or interest in this?