It’s about time all Large Format’s in Sydney got together. So I have taken the liberty to organising the meeting. I feel it is best for starters to have a central location, so it is at Ball’s Head Reserve, Waverton, next to the barbecue area, adjacent to the car park. If anyone has any suggestions for inclement weather then please post it here.

I’m thinking mid afternoon – say 3pm – on Saturday August 22. I will put on a bit of a sausage sandwich barbecue, and we will talk about ‘whatever’ over a few beers. I would like all to bring some gear to show off and talk about. If anyone anywhere in Australia – or the world - wishes to turn up then all the better. If anyone is just dead keen on film then turn up as well.

If anyone wants to have a bit of a soapbox on the philosophy of film, while loaded with some beers, then go for it! So lets pass the word around – the more the merrier.

Please give me an idea if your turning up?