Jeff, for the past twenty-two years, I 've been buying (and selling) large format supplies and equipment either by phone, or over the internet. I seldom, if ever, shop in a camera store, anymore. I buy my supplies from B&H. The most important lesson I've learned when buying used equipment is to find a salesperson who is trustworthy and knowledgeable. I've developed a personal relationship with a few honest, knowledgeable people, over the phone, and have seldom been disappointed. Once, or twice, I have returned a piece of equipment for an exchange, or refund. No questions asked. No strings attached. Of course, a credit card purchase over the phone or a mailorder came with that stipulation, and I had to pay the return shipping cost. As far as E-Bay- it's a gamble, to say the least. I know that some claim they can get a bargain buying used photo stuff on E-Bay. I guess I'm not that lucky. K.E.H. is OK for some things, but I find that their large format equipment is over-priced and over-rated, for the most part. During the last year, or so, I have been buying my equipment (including seven Fuji lenses, both new, and used) from Jim, at Midwest Photo Exchange. Although I've never met him in person, he is really great to work with. Jeff, at Badger Graphics is also very helpful, although he doesn't handle very many used items. Another knowledgeable LF sales guy is Rod Klukas, at Photomark, in Phoenix. I have also bought and sold equipment through the classified ads in View Camera magazine. Good experiences there. Not so good experiences with Shutterbug, however. Your experiences will be different than mine, but trusting the seller is the key to success.