Well, the camera arrived today and it is a beautiful thing. General comments for anyone with a suggestion.

1. Bellows seem light tight (will test later tonight) but can tell they are starting to get brittle. Found the screws on the back , should there be some on the front as well - thinkging down the road when the bellows will be replaced. Are most new bellows leather or some other material?

2. Need to pick up/ebay at least a couple of film holders - any thoughts on if they should be more recent types or wood?

3. Will need to take you up on the offer to make a new lens board Lee..one came with it but it is home made one and will not fit the Copal 0 on the 150mm.

4. Need to pick up a dedicated lens for the camera at a later date (read when funds are available) - thoughts on a reasonable priced lens, say around $300 - is that possilbe maybe a 210mm or so.

5. Will be replacing the GG with one from Satin Snow, I think - that will be after the first of the year, but one of the first things I do to the camera.

6. The leather handle is gone, anyone have any ideas of a good sub. or know of anyone that makes replacements.

The camera is very light, and seems pretty tight considering it's age - inside the back are patent dates of 1902 and 1908. All in all I am very please, the cmaera has front rise, remove the back to rotate and rear tilt and shift so not all the movements, but more than the Crown Graphic (which I still plan to use). Oh yeah, and a fresh box of Efke PL100 that JandC got here before the camera...Thanks for the fast shipment.