Old Xenars (f/4.5) and Ektars (127mm, f/4.7) come to mind, for the Speed Graphic era. Most press lenses seem to be about f/4.5 or f/4.7. You can also get new f/4.5 lenses, if you've got the money.

Here's a few Speed Graphic era lenses that aren't too bad:

127mm Kodak Ektar f/4.7
127mm Wollensak Raptar f/4.5
135mm Wollensak Raptar f/4.5
135mm Schneider Xenar f/4.5
150mm Schneider Xenar f/4.5
152mm Kodak Ektar f/4.5
162mm Wollensak Raptar f/4.5
180mm Schneider Xenar f/4.5
190mm Wollensak Raptar f/4.5
210mm Schneider Xenar f/4.5
(lots of other old f/4.5 Xenars..., or Graflex Optar versions of the Wollensak Raptars)